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Day 49

Ok, so I am hoping that by tomorrow my weight at least goes back down to 264 which was my low for the week. Not sure why it would have gone up, The most I have done is eat a whole apple at once, but that is not much over my meal limit. Who knows, sometime your weight just does this. Perhaps it has something to do with my walking that I just started. We shall see what happens, I have been doing about 3 a week, it would almost be a shame if I did not loose at least that much, but then I have been doing awesome so one week should not bother me much. I have eaten a couple big dinners but nothing off my diet, in fact, I wonder if calories are to blame, in the opposite way. I have been eating chicken all week and that has half the calories of the hamburger that I normally eat and could have drastically cut my calories causing my body to freak out. Who knows. I will try and keep a better tab on them and make sure that I am getting at least 1200 a day. I know I eat 490 for pretty much every breakfast and that is almost halfway there, in fact I am looking to add a few more to breakfast. I want to start eating a larger breakfast, medium lunch, and smaller supper as that would be more along the lines of what my body needs at those times. Preferably 6 small meals but that is something that I cannot work into my schedule at this time.


Day 48

OK. Something I have been wanting to talk about this for the last few posts but keep forgetting. Trans fat. I knew that butter was better than margaren because of trans fat but I had no idea how much trans fat was actually in the margerin that I was using. 3 grams per serving, holy crap. I know that they say even very small amounts effects you a lot and can cause you to gain weight or have a harder time losing it, so from now on I will be using real butter to cook my eggs in because that is pretty much the only thing that I have been using butter for. I use vegitable oil for other general cooking if I have to use anything, I cannot use olive oil because I will, well, lets just say that it irritates my bowels. Also, I walked about a mile today in 17 minutes which comes out to 3.5 miles per hour. Not a bad walking pace. Soon enough, I will be up to 30 minutes, then 45, then an hour. That should be very good for the weight loss.

Day 46

I have found something that can satisfy my sweet tooth pretty well and not add many carbs. A bit of chocolate. I did not realize that it was not all that bad in carbs. A whole bar is only 22 ECC carbs. I just have 1/4 of the bar maybe once a day and of course count the carbs which is 5.5 against my total so that means pretty much only breakfast where I have pretty much no carbs. But still at least it is sweet, and helps keep the cravings away. Sometimes just know there is something you can have at least a little bit of can help a lot. Of course I chose dark chocolate because it also has health benefits. Also, I actually seem to weigh less after work than when I wake up which at first I thought was odd but then thinking about the fact that I do not always get to eat at work and I am working thus sweating and peeing and not getting as much as I could to drink, though I am sure I usually get what I am supposed to or more as I pretty much always have a tall cup of water handy. I went for my first walk today. It was not a long one. I went .6 miles around the block and timed myself to see how fast I walked which turned out to be exactly 3 miles per hour so according to the calculators I burned 104 calories. I will work up to walking around the block 5 times so that I am going for a total of 3 miles which should take about 1 hours. The cool thing is that at first you are going down hill a bit and then on the way back it gets much harder because you are going up hill so it has built in hard and easy periods and since it only takes 12 minutes to go around that is about 3 minutes down 3 level, three up, 3 level. Nice I think.