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Day 48

OK. Something I have been wanting to talk about this for the last few posts but keep forgetting. Trans fat. I knew that butter was better than margaren because of trans fat but I had no idea how much trans fat was actually in the margerin that I was using. 3 grams per serving, holy crap. I know that they say even very small amounts effects you a lot and can cause you to gain weight or have a harder time losing it, so from now on I will be using real butter to cook my eggs in because that is pretty much the only thing that I have been using butter for. I use vegitable oil for other general cooking if I have to use anything, I cannot use olive oil because I will, well, lets just say that it irritates my bowels. Also, I walked about a mile today in 17 minutes which comes out to 3.5 miles per hour. Not a bad walking pace. Soon enough, I will be up to 30 minutes, then 45, then an hour. That should be very good for the weight loss.