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Day 42

Ok. After 2 days of not adhering to my diet exactly, not that I meant all out or anything, I am now officially on it again. The reason for my lapse ? Illness. One should not starve ones self while sick and when you are loosin weight as fast as I am that is a sure sign that you are in effect, starving yourself and since I wanted to get better as soon as possible I relaxed my standards. For the most part I was still on the diet but for supper I was more lax to give myself more energy that way hopefully while I was sleeping my body would be able to fight the virus better. It seems that it may have worked as I am over it in just two days. I still have a bit of a runny nose but that is totally dealable compared with a sore throat and feeling like I got ran over by a truck. Now I can start my weight loss again. Today I weighted in at 68.8 which is just over a pound more than I weight at my lowest. Still a loss for the week though and that makes me really happy. I am still using Nivea and I like it. I will most assuredly be buying more when this one runs out. I have added a couple more supplements. I am now taking Centrum, Vitamin C, Potassium, Vitamin E, and Cod Liver Oil. I would like to add Co-Q10 but it is quite expensive and I would like to know more about if it really does anything or not before I get into purchasing it. As for all the other supplements, I am not sure that I need them. Centrum has most of what you need. I added the cod liver oil because when I work my triceps my elbows pop a lot and I have red that the Cod Liver Oil will help lubricate my joints so that will not happen. I will keep you all informed on this, I am interested in seeing if it really helps or if it is just another one of those diet myths, but for 2 bucks a bottle it is certainly worth testing out. Besides it is loaded with Omega 3’s which are good. I get them from other food I eat but a bit more probably will not hurt.