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Day 47

Everything is still going fine. I am thinking about changing my diet vacation to two meal vacations a month instead of 1 day vacations once a month which generally are one meal anyways. I think it will help me feel less tempted knowing that every couple of weeks I can eat out with my friends or what not and not have to feel guilty about it. My progress without exercise is still great and now that I have officially started my walking and I am going to work up to 2 to 3 miles 3 days a week at least I should be able to afford a few more calories every now and then. I still fully intend on reaching my goal by next October if at all possible. I just figure that because we intend on having a fall wedding and if it is next year that will leave me thin enough to have some great wedding photos. Oh, and not have to get a special fat man tux or anything. That will be awesome as well. I did treat myself to more almonds today, they are so good and so good for you. but then, that did not break my diet or anything. I try to eat 10 almonds per meal giving me about 1.25 ounces of almonds a day which makes up about 100 mg of my magnesium. Sunflower seeds and my multivitamin should make up the other 300 I need without much of an issue. Oh, I have just tried making Earl Grey as iced tea, and as it is brewing I put in just two teaspoons of sugar into the brewing pot to take the edge off so the whole pitcher only has 8 carbs and it is something that is not water. Since I am not going to be taking anymore artificial sweetners sugar is my only resort other than possibly stevia and maybe something else I think I have read of. Expensive though so I will wait to give it a try. The tea was not bad, at least it was a break from water. I am going to see if I can try more kinds of teas. Maybe something that is great even without sugar at all. This is probably ok without sugar but the only way I had it like that was hot and I am not much of a hot tea fan.


Day 16

Just another day. I have been making it a point to eat a few more carbs. I have actually been eating less than the diet says and they say it really does not make any differance but I want to at least get up to 30 a day so that when I am ready for stage 2 I do not cause any commotion with my body. I have not got the ok from my chiropractor yet to start the OHPC but I have been told to walk more. I have only had two visits and I am feeling much better indeed. Some say it is a crock. I say they should try it first. Sure it is not for everyone and they cannot fix all problems. Even they will tell you that. But they are fixing me it seems. I also have decided that I am going to start using stevia as a sweetner. It has many benifits and no detriments that have been found and it has been used for at least a 100 years I do believe and it is all natural. I was thinking that maybe splenda was ok until I read that it is a chlorocarbon, and none of those are good for people, many are on the deadly list.