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Day 70

So far so good this week. Last week only a 3 pound loss but that is totally fine by me, this week so far 3 pounds, and that is with a diet vacation in there. This time though I did not have any soda, I did have a bit of OJ but that is most certainly better than Mt. Dew or something of the sort. Seems I am going to make my goal I hope of 255 by my birthday which is on the 12th of this month. I need to start posting here more again because I have not been using my Nivea as much and that stuff seems to really work. I am starting to loose my accountability I guess ? I don’t know, I mean I am still on the diet, I don’t cheat. and actually I could go to phase II now but I am going to stay on phase one at least until after my birthday. Phase II will pretty much double the amount of carbs that I am allowed to have.


Day 42

Ok. After 2 days of not adhering to my diet exactly, not that I meant all out or anything, I am now officially on it again. The reason for my lapse ? Illness. One should not starve ones self while sick and when you are loosin weight as fast as I am that is a sure sign that you are in effect, starving yourself and since I wanted to get better as soon as possible I relaxed my standards. For the most part I was still on the diet but for supper I was more lax to give myself more energy that way hopefully while I was sleeping my body would be able to fight the virus better. It seems that it may have worked as I am over it in just two days. I still have a bit of a runny nose but that is totally dealable compared with a sore throat and feeling like I got ran over by a truck. Now I can start my weight loss again. Today I weighted in at 68.8 which is just over a pound more than I weight at my lowest. Still a loss for the week though and that makes me really happy. I am still using Nivea and I like it. I will most assuredly be buying more when this one runs out. I have added a couple more supplements. I am now taking Centrum, Vitamin C, Potassium, Vitamin E, and Cod Liver Oil. I would like to add Co-Q10 but it is quite expensive and I would like to know more about if it really does anything or not before I get into purchasing it. As for all the other supplements, I am not sure that I need them. Centrum has most of what you need. I added the cod liver oil because when I work my triceps my elbows pop a lot and I have red that the Cod Liver Oil will help lubricate my joints so that will not happen. I will keep you all informed on this, I am interested in seeing if it really helps or if it is just another one of those diet myths, but for 2 bucks a bottle it is certainly worth testing out. Besides it is loaded with Omega 3’s which are good. I get them from other food I eat but a bit more probably will not hurt.

Day 37

So, I have been doing great. I had me a cheat day. I only cheating in the evening however as I did not want to overdue it. I went out with my fiancee and my friend Tiney. We had some Mexican Villa. I also went out and bought a scale so I can weight in at home. Now I will weight in with my clothes off in the morning so it will be a few lbs lower this week than it should be as the weight of the clothes have always been in my weight before. At least it will be more accurate this way. I look forward to my next cheat day, or rather meal more than likely because I find it hard to cheat. Actually, the book calls them planned vacations. I am taking one a month, not what they recomend but still, one meal a month will not kill a diet and one of my favourite quotes is “Don’t take life too seriously, you’ll never make it out alive”. I am not sure who said that but I would love to know. Oh, and the Nivea is working pretty good and I have lost a total of 2.5 inches off my waist. I have a lot more to go though.

Day 29

Ok, I was right on the verge of 276 and I am going to blame it on overeating yesterday and being plugged up if you know what I mean. I have lost just under 2 inches. And I mean just under like 1/8 or 1/16 of an inch. I have started to use a skin firming lotion called Nivea. I have heard good things about it. Needless to say I am very happy with myself.