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Day 39

Ok. So I seem to have come down with a cold. That really sucks, I am going to up my calorie intake a bit since they require more calories to get over any sickness. I am not going to go off my diet though. I am still loosing pretty steadily and that makes me very happy. What does not make me very happy that has mostly nothing to do with this diet is that the hard drive in my laptop has died again. Now I have to get the $$ to get a new one, install everything again, probably call M$ again since they say I have used my code too much and then try and see if I can recover anything off the old drive. Kinda bites because that is what I was doing all my research for diet and exercise on but I can always use my fiancee’s computer to do that, but that means less time and I am confined to desk where as before I could roam and not even be at home. Oh, and READ LABELS. I bought something the other day at Walmart and I got the wrong stuff. Oh well, maybe it will be good. It is beef patties instead of sausage patties. I normally do not buy precooked things but these are the same price as raw and are actually pretty good. I usually have one patty in the morning. If it was not for the sausage I would not get enough calories since I usually eat two eggs in the morning and that is hardly enough calories to get me threw until lunch which unfortunately is usually six hours away. Sometimes I also eat a piece of string cheese. I find that it helps me feel full without adding too many calories since it is mozzarella. Sometimes a small piece of jerky as well. I still munch on sunflower seeds all day and almonds every now and then. I just bought some salmon and tried cooking it in the oven. It did not stink up the house so that is good. Salmon is one thing my girl cannot stand the smell of, it makes her sick. Hamburger Macaroni from Hamburger helper is the same way to me. I don’t get it, I love macaroni and hamburger but you put them together and they are gross, however it is only the Hamburger Helper brand that literally makes me want to throw up at the smell of it. Sorry for the long post, I just am not able to talk to well and I guess that I am taking it out on the internet by talking more here LOL.