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Day 52

OK. It is time for a little diet vacation. It was so hard to hold off yesterday with all the cars in town. We went and looked at them and thinking mildly of going to the actually show but I doubt that because I am pretty poor at the moment and I can see the cars justĀ  fine driving down the road. Tonight I am going to have some sesame chicken from a local Chinese food place. Doubt that is actually a chinese dish (at least not how its made here) but it is very good. Looks way too much like cashew chicken, which by the way was invented in Springfield Missouri. I think it is just an american modification on an otherwise Chinese recipe but man is it good. If you have it in your area, DON’T GET IT!!!! I am telling you, I have had it a lot of places but once you get outside of Springfield it is not that good, in fact, most of it is just plain bad. I have yet to have the original recipe but I have found out where it is, if I can just remember. The place that invented it is no longer around but they did pass on there recipe to another business. Heck, even in springfield there are places that make bad cashew chicken. I will go a bit easy on my self all day but tonight is the official Diet vacation. I was at like 265 today, maybe holding water, maybe not getting enough calories. I am really not sure, I need to find out how many calories I need a day so that I do not put myself into starvation mode. Any suggestions I would be very glad to hear them.