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Day 16

Just another day. I have been making it a point to eat a few more carbs. I have actually been eating less than the diet says and they say it really does not make any differance but I want to at least get up to 30 a day so that when I am ready for stage 2 I do not cause any commotion with my body. I have not got the ok from my chiropractor yet to start the OHPC but I have been told to walk more. I have only had two visits and I am feeling much better indeed. Some say it is a crock. I say they should try it first. Sure it is not for everyone and they cannot fix all problems. Even they will tell you that. But they are fixing me it seems. I also have decided that I am going to start using stevia as a sweetner. It has many benifits and no detriments that have been found and it has been used for at least a 100 years I do believe and it is all natural. I was thinking that maybe splenda was ok until I read that it is a chlorocarbon, and none of those are good for people, many are on the deadly list.


Day 11

Ok. So I have read that there are tons of complaints about aspartame. I read a bit about it and I am thinking it is safe for me to no longer have it. Oddly, since I have started drinking diet soda which was a couple of months before my diet I have started some of the symptoms they talk about. Including it being asked if I have ADD and even I have noticed that. Dizzyness and many other things. This leaves me with pretty much only water and tea assuming I can find a tea that taste good unsweetened. Not all teas do. I went out to eat with a friend who is in town for a couple of days and still did not cheat thought it was very tempting. It was a large group of is there and it bites having to pay for all the fixin’s just to give them away. I am currently at my fiancee’s grandmas and we are going to soon be having dinner. I am not even going to cheat then either.