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Day 16

Just another day. I have been making it a point to eat a few more carbs. I have actually been eating less than the diet says and they say it really does not make any differance but I want to at least get up to 30 a day so that when I am ready for stage 2 I do not cause any commotion with my body. I have not got the ok from my chiropractor yet to start the OHPC but I have been told to walk more. I have only had two visits and I am feeling much better indeed. Some say it is a crock. I say they should try it first. Sure it is not for everyone and they cannot fix all problems. Even they will tell you that. But they are fixing me it seems. I also have decided that I am going to start using stevia as a sweetner. It has many benifits and no detriments that have been found and it has been used for at least a 100 years I do believe and it is all natural. I was thinking that maybe splenda was ok until I read that it is a chlorocarbon, and none of those are good for people, many are on the deadly list.


Day 15

Ok, so I have lost another 3 lbs. I know weigh 284. One bit of bad news however. I have just gotten back from my second visit to the chiropractor and I found out that my spine is crazy curved and that has been causing my pain and headaches. Well, needless to say I am getting treatment and that is going to hurt the pocket book. Each treatment is only 40 bucks, that is not too bad but I know I am going to have to have more than three treatments. If it takes away the pain it will be worth it. He told me I would have to hold off on the 100 push ups challenge until we get my back into a better alignment because the stress of that could undue the work. He does suggest that I start walking.

Day 14

Ok, so today I did day W1D2 (week one day two) of the HPUC (Hundred Push Up Challenge) and really impressed myself. I actually did 6 on the exhaustion set. I only had to do 4 but I actually made it past. This does seem to be working fast. I am not sure that I am going to be able to weigh in tomorrow. I have so much to do and a second chiropractor appointment. Seems I may have twisted something in my back a few years ago and that is causing the pain. Otherwise he said I have very excellent flexibility and everything else seems to be alright.

Day 12

Today went well of course. I will be getting weight tomorrow when I donate plasma but it is not the week weight in that will happen of Thursday. I am of course expecting some good results. I did my push ups today, this morning actually. I fell one short on the fourth set but that is ok, I took a bit more rest and finished up with 3 and that was what the minimum was for the 5th set. It was so very hard but considering that I only tested out at two, the fact that I actually got three after four sets of 2 (well minus one of the fourths set of course) is totally awesome. Certainly reinforces my belief in this program.

Day 10

Today also went very well. I made some cookies for someone to buy from work and I did not have a one. I tried a little peice to make sure they were ok, less than the size of a dime. That did not break my diet of course or I would not have done it. I am allowed some carbs and I hardly ever use any of them so far though I should. I may start adding a bit of fruit with most of my meals. I did my initial test for the 100 push up challenge. I could only do 2. I really thought I had number three at first though. I cannot wait to see the progress.