Day 71

Five pounds. That is quite a bit. Must be a freaky low or something. I was hungry, and had not had a drink in a while, but then I normally am when I weight in anyways. Well, either way I only have 1 more pound to go until my goal. Again, I assume this was just a freaky low a nd that it will lead to less loss next week by number count. but I still expect to get down to at least 255 by next thursday, even if this is just a low. I did step on the scale 3 times, it is digital, and supposed to be doctor accurate so I will trust that it is right. And either way it is the same one I weigh on every week/day/hour. You know how it is I am sure.


Day 70

So far so good this week. Last week only a 3 pound loss but that is totally fine by me, this week so far 3 pounds, and that is with a diet vacation in there. This time though I did not have any soda, I did have a bit of OJ but that is most certainly better than Mt. Dew or something of the sort. Seems I am going to make my goal I hope of 255 by my birthday which is on the 12th of this month. I need to start posting here more again because I have not been using my Nivea as much and that stuff seems to really work. I am starting to loose my accountability I guess ? I don’t know, I mean I am still on the diet, I don’t cheat. and actually I could go to phase II now but I am going to stay on phase one at least until after my birthday. Phase II will pretty much double the amount of carbs that I am allowed to have.

Day 61

Things are going very well indeed. I have already lost 4 pounds this week, Maybe the water weight from last week was just hanging on for a while. I am not sure as it seems odd I would loose that much in a week normally. But I am catching up to where I would like to be so that makes me happy. I am actually starting to try to eat a few more carbs because I always eat less than I should in a day. The diet says it will not make any difference since it is only 100 calories worth of carbs, but it would make things easier for me to have a few more carbs everyday. Actually I have not intentionally gotten rid of all the carbs, it is just that at only 10-12 carbs per meal there are not that many choices, and take into account that I have almonds at every meal and that takes a bit away. Not much but at that low number anything counts. I was thinking about having a slice of toast this morning but the cheap bread we get is 13 grams per slice on its own. Next time I go shopping I will get some bread that is lighter onĀ  the carbs, and surely heavier on the wallet. I am becoming more confidant in my shopping now that I pretty much know what I want to eat f or the week and have gotten into a routine, of course in a while I will have to shake that routine up as we all know the body will get used to what I am doing, but for now, I know what I am going to need, so less trips to the store. It did set me back 72.25 but that was with my fiancee’s and our dog’s (Hidee) food.

Day 57

Well, I broke even this week after 1 and a half days of eating whatever I wanted. I guess it is better than gaining but I probably could have behaved better. It was the greatest weekend I have had in years so I think it was well worth it. I have a goal to to get to 255 by my birthday and hopefully 230 by new years day. We will see how it turns out.

Day 55

Well, so far I have not lost any weight this week. I am up to 265 but after my day and a half of diet vacation I had gained about 6 pounds of water weight which has been comming off at about 2 pounds a day. That was to be expected. I went a little overboard but that it to be expected when Street Machine Nationals is in town. I go crazy every year, I have had the best weekend I have had in years prolly, I feel like a new man, full of life, happy, content. A few days away from work did me good. More than good, Now I have two more off as well. Hell, I had a co-worker at work want to try and beat the tar out of my and all I could do was smile. That is how great I have been feeling. Well, I will keep you updated. I hope I get at least one pound of loss for the week. I am pretty sure I will.

Day 52

OK. It is time for a little diet vacation. It was so hard to hold off yesterday with all the cars in town. We went and looked at them and thinking mildly of going to the actually show but I doubt that because I am pretty poor at the moment and I can see the cars justĀ  fine driving down the road. Tonight I am going to have some sesame chicken from a local Chinese food place. Doubt that is actually a chinese dish (at least not how its made here) but it is very good. Looks way too much like cashew chicken, which by the way was invented in Springfield Missouri. I think it is just an american modification on an otherwise Chinese recipe but man is it good. If you have it in your area, DON’T GET IT!!!! I am telling you, I have had it a lot of places but once you get outside of Springfield it is not that good, in fact, most of it is just plain bad. I have yet to have the original recipe but I have found out where it is, if I can just remember. The place that invented it is no longer around but they did pass on there recipe to another business. Heck, even in springfield there are places that make bad cashew chicken. I will go a bit easy on my self all day but tonight is the official Diet vacation. I was at like 265 today, maybe holding water, maybe not getting enough calories. I am really not sure, I need to find out how many calories I need a day so that I do not put myself into starvation mode. Any suggestions I would be very glad to hear them.

Day 51

So the scale today said 263. That of course makes me very happy. I seem to be keeping up the 3 pounds a week and that is making me very happy. Tomorrow I get to have some sesame chicken. It is also just about time for me cheat meal. I know the sesame chicken is going to be a little cheat meal too but this is because there is a car show in town that comes every year and we always get together with our friends, watch the street machines and go out to eat. A tradition I have no intention on breaking. besides, I will count it as one of my cheat days since I have decided to take two a month now. This morning I measured and found I have lost 3.5 inches. I am very excited about that. I took some pics yesterday and compared them to the before pics. It is actually starting to become noticeable. Not as much as I would like but I am well on my way.

Day 49

Ok, so I am hoping that by tomorrow my weight at least goes back down to 264 which was my low for the week. Not sure why it would have gone up, The most I have done is eat a whole apple at once, but that is not much over my meal limit. Who knows, sometime your weight just does this. Perhaps it has something to do with my walking that I just started. We shall see what happens, I have been doing about 3 a week, it would almost be a shame if I did not loose at least that much, but then I have been doing awesome so one week should not bother me much. I have eaten a couple big dinners but nothing off my diet, in fact, I wonder if calories are to blame, in the opposite way. I have been eating chicken all week and that has half the calories of the hamburger that I normally eat and could have drastically cut my calories causing my body to freak out. Who knows. I will try and keep a better tab on them and make sure that I am getting at least 1200 a day. I know I eat 490 for pretty much every breakfast and that is almost halfway there, in fact I am looking to add a few more to breakfast. I want to start eating a larger breakfast, medium lunch, and smaller supper as that would be more along the lines of what my body needs at those times. Preferably 6 small meals but that is something that I cannot work into my schedule at this time.

Day 48

OK. Something I have been wanting to talk about this for the last few posts but keep forgetting. Trans fat. I knew that butter was better than margaren because of trans fat but I had no idea how much trans fat was actually in the margerin that I was using. 3 grams per serving, holy crap. I know that they say even very small amounts effects you a lot and can cause you to gain weight or have a harder time losing it, so from now on I will be using real butter to cook my eggs in because that is pretty much the only thing that I have been using butter for. I use vegitable oil for other general cooking if I have to use anything, I cannot use olive oil because I will, well, lets just say that it irritates my bowels. Also, I walked about a mile today in 17 minutes which comes out to 3.5 miles per hour. Not a bad walking pace. Soon enough, I will be up to 30 minutes, then 45, then an hour. That should be very good for the weight loss.

Day 47

Everything is still going fine. I am thinking about changing my diet vacation to two meal vacations a month instead of 1 day vacations once a month which generally are one meal anyways. I think it will help me feel less tempted knowing that every couple of weeks I can eat out with my friends or what not and not have to feel guilty about it. My progress without exercise is still great and now that I have officially started my walking and I am going to work up to 2 to 3 miles 3 days a week at least I should be able to afford a few more calories every now and then. I still fully intend on reaching my goal by next October if at all possible. I just figure that because we intend on having a fall wedding and if it is next year that will leave me thin enough to have some great wedding photos. Oh, and not have to get a special fat man tux or anything. That will be awesome as well. I did treat myself to more almonds today, they are so good and so good for you. but then, that did not break my diet or anything. I try to eat 10 almonds per meal giving me about 1.25 ounces of almonds a day which makes up about 100 mg of my magnesium. Sunflower seeds and my multivitamin should make up the other 300 I need without much of an issue. Oh, I have just tried making Earl Grey as iced tea, and as it is brewing I put in just two teaspoons of sugar into the brewing pot to take the edge off so the whole pitcher only has 8 carbs and it is something that is not water. Since I am not going to be taking anymore artificial sweetners sugar is my only resort other than possibly stevia and maybe something else I think I have read of. Expensive though so I will wait to give it a try. The tea was not bad, at least it was a break from water. I am going to see if I can try more kinds of teas. Maybe something that is great even without sugar at all. This is probably ok without sugar but the only way I had it like that was hot and I am not much of a hot tea fan.

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