Day 102

OK. These last two weekends have been very bad. I broke even last week and this week was halloween and a BBQ at a friends house that I have not really seen in a long time. I admit, I overdid it big time. went up to 255 so I am going back on phase I until I am at least down to 245 and probably longer just to get back on track. I will admit, I did enjoy the extended vacation thought I did feel like crap by the end of the night on both days. I could not sleep very well last night either but all in all, I needed a big blow out and you know what I believe, “Don’t take life too seriously, you’ll never make it out alive.” I still have my goal of 230 by the end of the year :D. I am not going to be taking any major cheats like this again for a while, at most I will take one meal and one desert every now and then until I feel all is well.


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