Day 79

I just realized that I am almost halfway to my first Major goal of 198, or I just changed it to 196 so that it is an even 100 pounds. That is very exciting for such a short period of time. Once I am there I can take another look at myself and see where I need to go from there. I am totally enjoying phase II so far. I spent my dinner carbs today on an apple. I definitely want fruit much more now than before I was on a diet. Makes sense, I can get more fruit than I could junk food. I mean, part of a chocalate bar, or 1 large apple. Sure, every now and then I am going to go for the chocolate (and peanut butter) but mostly I think I will migrate to the things I can eat more of LOL.



  1. Ross Said:

    Congrats on that achievement. Wish we could get more truly “fresh” fruit down here in Aussie. The stuff the supermarkets sell is generally rubbish out of long periods of cold storage. All the best for your next stage.

  2. Gina M Said:

    I just stumbled upon your site, Wow great job!!! Keep up the good work. I would like to lose 30lbs but what ever weight I lose, I just end up gaining it back. Are you on Atkins Diet?

  3. kaoshavoc Said:

    I am not on atkins, but I am on a low carb diet. I have researched it quite a bit and they have actually started medical studies on this type of diet and amazingly the short term results are exactly what all these diets have been saying. Reduced blood preassure, reduced cholesterol, better triglycerides, better insulin resistance, weight loss, better appitet control, and much more. We are of course still waiting on the long term results but from the massively good results so far I feel safe enough doing it. It was much less safe to eat the way I was before anyways. It is so hard at first but I am now 3 months into it and it is so easy now. I have what I call Diet Vacations every now and then and I had one on my birthday recently, I actually have to find stuff not on my diet to eat because there just is not much that I can eat much of anymore. Feel free to email me if you ever want to know anything more about it 😀

  4. Gina M Said:

    Yes, please tell me the name of this low-carb diet and all the info I need so I can get the same amazing results you have!
    I cant believe that the “diet vacations” don’t send you on a uncontrollable binge that never ends. Thanks so much for the inspiration.

  5. kaoshavoc Said:

    Oh, sometimes I still want something I happen to see like a piece of cheesecake or whatnot. However when you are getting results like this the diet becomes its own motivation. I am giving a link to the book that I used, they have other books as well.
    You should be able to pick it up at your local store for about 8 bucks, unless you want the one with bigger print and it is 16 bucks. As for the diet vacations, I try to do things like “I will only start it after work” and things like that to more limit how much I can overdue it. Sometimes it is just a meal out like at the local Chinese food restaurant. I take more vacations that they would like in the book but one of my mottos is “Don’t take life too seriously, you will never make it out alive.” Well, hope that helps, I would be glad to talk more about if you would like :D.

  6. Gina M Said:

    Hey thanks for the link! I just read the reviews, sounds great. I’m going to get the book . I’ll look forward to checking in on your weight loss journey. I’ll let ya know how it goes for me. Oh and I think I’m going to start the 100 push up challenge. Thanks again:G

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