Day 78 update

Well, it was tittering between 253 and 254 but I am going to claim 254 this week. That will be a two pound loss for the week but seven in the last two weeks which means I am ahead by one pound. That is totally awesome. I have started phase II of the plan which gives me double my carbs that I have been having and so far it is awesome. I know 20 per meal is still not much, but when you have been living on 10, usually less, it seems like a lot. Especially when everything that you can eat is like 12 to 20 carbs so with just 10 you cannot have much of anything except a piece of light bread, or two if you take the crust off LOL, but I like crust. Well, I hope that I continue to loose like I have even after going to phase II. I still have the goal of 230 by the end of the year :D.


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