Day 70

So far so good this week. Last week only a 3 pound loss but that is totally fine by me, this week so far 3 pounds, and that is with a diet vacation in there. This time though I did not have any soda, I did have a bit of OJ but that is most certainly better than Mt. Dew or something of the sort. Seems I am going to make my goal I hope of 255 by my birthday which is on the 12th of this month. I need to start posting here more again because I have not been using my Nivea as much and that stuff seems to really work. I am starting to loose my accountability I guess ? I don’t know, I mean I am still on the diet, I don’t cheat. and actually I could go to phase II now but I am going to stay on phase one at least until after my birthday. Phase II will pretty much double the amount of carbs that I am allowed to have.


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