Day 61

Things are going very well indeed. I have already lost 4 pounds this week, Maybe the water weight from last week was just hanging on for a while. I am not sure as it seems odd I would loose that much in a week normally. But I am catching up to where I would like to be so that makes me happy. I am actually starting to try to eat a few more carbs because I always eat less than I should in a day. The diet says it will not make any difference since it is only 100 calories worth of carbs, but it would make things easier for me to have a few more carbs everyday. Actually I have not intentionally gotten rid of all the carbs, it is just that at only 10-12 carbs per meal there are not that many choices, and take into account that I have almonds at every meal and that takes a bit away. Not much but at that low number anything counts. I was thinking about having a slice of toast this morning but the cheap bread we get is 13 grams per slice on its own. Next time I go shopping I will get some bread that is lighter on  the carbs, and surely heavier on the wallet. I am becoming more confidant in my shopping now that I pretty much know what I want to eat f or the week and have gotten into a routine, of course in a while I will have to shake that routine up as we all know the body will get used to what I am doing, but for now, I know what I am going to need, so less trips to the store. It did set me back 72.25 but that was with my fiancee’s and our dog’s (Hidee) food.



  1. Now that I’m eating healthy my grocery bill has gone up $100. But planning out my meals I spend less on gas and less on eating out. I figure either I pay it now in grocery or latter in medical bills.

  2. kaoshavoc Said:

    Yeah, it is totally worth it for heath. Not really that much more anyways.

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