Day 47

Everything is still going fine. I am thinking about changing my diet vacation to two meal vacations a month instead of 1 day vacations once a month which generally are one meal anyways. I think it will help me feel less tempted knowing that every couple of weeks I can eat out with my friends or what not and not have to feel guilty about it. My progress without exercise is still great and now that I have officially started my walking and I am going to work up to 2 to 3 miles 3 days a week at least I should be able to afford a few more calories every now and then. I still fully intend on reaching my goal by next October if at all possible. I just figure that because we intend on having a fall wedding and if it is next year that will leave me thin enough to have some great wedding photos. Oh, and not have to get a special fat man tux or anything. That will be awesome as well. I did treat myself to more almonds today, they are so good and so good for you. but then, that did not break my diet or anything. I try to eat 10 almonds per meal giving me about 1.25 ounces of almonds a day which makes up about 100 mg of my magnesium. Sunflower seeds and my multivitamin should make up the other 300 I need without much of an issue. Oh, I have just tried making Earl Grey as iced tea, and as it is brewing I put in just two teaspoons of sugar into the brewing pot to take the edge off so the whole pitcher only has 8 carbs and it is something that is not water. Since I am not going to be taking anymore artificial sweetners sugar is my only resort other than possibly stevia and maybe something else I think I have read of. Expensive though so I will wait to give it a try. The tea was not bad, at least it was a break from water. I am going to see if I can try more kinds of teas. Maybe something that is great even without sugar at all. This is probably ok without sugar but the only way I had it like that was hot and I am not much of a hot tea fan.


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