Day 11

Ok. So I have read that there are tons of complaints about aspartame. I read a bit about it and I am thinking it is safe for me to no longer have it. Oddly, since I have started drinking diet soda which was a couple of months before my diet I have started some of the symptoms they talk about. Including it being asked if I have ADD and even I have noticed that. Dizzyness and many other things. This leaves me with pretty much only water and tea assuming I can find a tea that taste good unsweetened. Not all teas do. I went out to eat with a friend who is in town for a couple of days and still did not cheat thought it was very tempting. It was a large group of is there and it bites having to pay for all the fixin’s just to give them away. I am currently at my fiancee’s grandmas and we are going to soon be having dinner. I am not even going to cheat then either.


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