Day 6

OK, 7 lbs lost so far and it has only been five days. This is actually exactly what I expected and hoped for.  Weight loss will not continue at this pace, that would be insane, but I should be able to average at least 2 lbs a week once I get out of the first month. I have been doing much reading on these types of diets. It seems that new studies have shown that short term they are not so bad and actually do decrease blood pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides, and all that jazz, but they are still concerned about the long term effects. Basically, doing it to loose weight then transitioning to a more normal but stable eating habits seems to be what they would want one to do as the weight you carry obviously is not good for you and getting it off is much better. Who knows, every few years they are saying something completely different. This works for me and of course when I start eating carbs again I am going to make the fruits and the like so that I get the micro nutrients that I need.


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  1. Jess Said:

    Idea’s run rampant through the carpet in the shed.

    I like the fact that it is being analyzed, what happens, say ten years ago lost so much and then, stopped watching the intake and then YO-YO time babe!! This is the one crucial factor most have to realize you switch the diet around or better say as it should be tweaked, to not cause the body’s system to have an almost allergic shock to something that is has not had in some time. This might be why they allow some of the “Forbidden Fruit”.
    Of course this is coming from the brain of someone else with same problem yet different circumstances.
    Best Piece of advice i can give, is follow it through, than tweak it, record what happens, what you like as the result and what you disliked, and work from there. Your committing yourself to watch what you eat for the rest of your life, not just mindlessly stuffing your mouth lost in thought wherever you may be at that moment. It’s very hard for those that are on the road, yet it can be done. So push your self away from the table. Find interests that you like to do , that ARE interesting enough to keep your mind from thinking about food. I.e.. Think Thin!! Also be prepared for the cravings and the Midnight munchie attack’s, to grip and paralyze your brain into thinking your starving yourself, you actually are! What your doing is retraining the pathways of least resistance in your biochemical makeup. Part of the reason you get so much pleasure from food, is that you have trained yourself into getting TOO much pleasure of a full gut. I’m not even going to get into the guilt trip vicious cycle of why you started to eat more in the first place, that’s a whole section by itself.
    Keep it up. If you fail the day that doesn’t mean you failed the week, or failed your life, dust yourself off and pick up your ” insert necessary items you thin you can’t live without here”, and get back up and do it again.
    by the way to improve your metabolism you have to stay in motion like a fish… it’s going to take some time. Baby steps away from the dinner table and onto the eliptical. Fare thee well and Wishing you the best.

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