Day unkown.

Well, been out of it for a bit, now I am back on it,  about three weeks now. I am at around 245 to 248ish. My digital in out of action so I have to use the twirly one that is hard to get a good reading. I went up to 265 after getting down to 241, bad me I know. I hit a plateau and could not break it for some reason, I got discouraged, and it was the holidays, but those are only excuses. Had I not dropped the ball I could be really close to my goal now. Well, I have hopped back on and am riding pretty good. I should actually start exercising and now that my back is much better start the 100 push ups challenge again.


Day 148

Well, these last few weeks have not been great but it is holidays and I am not going to be going to families and turning down food. It would just be plain rude :D. Besides, you should all know my motto by now, “Don’t take life too seriously, you will never make it out alive.” But of course I go hard core afterwards again but it seems to be two or three days a week when I do it because I have at least two of every family function to go to. I am not minding so much though, I need a little break. Well, until later, time to keep losing :D.

Day 111

Well, so far this week I have gotten down to 245 and almost 244, that will mean three pounds for the week and all I have to lose is 2 pounds a week to get to my goal of 230 before the end of the year. I think that I will do just fine as long as I do not go on any big cheating binges. I don’t plan for any to happen yet anyways and so far all of them have been planned. I look forward to getting under 240. This will be my next picture weigh-in. I am not so sure I will see much difference but you never know. I have not got much of a difference in my waist. Oh well, I am still losing and it will all catch up eventually.

Day 107

OK. I was very bad over Halloween weekend and went all the way up to 255 but I did manage to bring it back dawn to 247 which means I even lost weight this week dispite two days of INSANELY bad eating. I had went back on phase I of my diet until I got back down to 248 which is what my diet suggest as it will quickly remove the retained water and any actual weight gain that had happened. I hope I get some good weight loss this week. I am still going for 230 by the end of the year, I have almost 2 months to do it in and as long as I don’t do any more cheating of this level I should be just fine :D. Well, Hope you all had a great Halloween if that is your thing.

Day 102

OK. These last two weekends have been very bad. I broke even last week and this week was halloween and a BBQ at a friends house that I have not really seen in a long time. I admit, I overdid it big time. went up to 255 so I am going back on phase I until I am at least down to 245 and probably longer just to get back on track. I will admit, I did enjoy the extended vacation thought I did feel like crap by the end of the night on both days. I could not sleep very well last night either but all in all, I needed a big blow out and you know what I believe, “Don’t take life too seriously, you’ll never make it out alive.” I still have my goal of 230 by the end of the year :D. I am not going to be taking any major cheats like this again for a while, at most I will take one meal and one desert every now and then until I feel all is well.

Day 92

4 pounds. This week was a good one. I have been eating more and I think that helped. Also I still drink a lot. Getting closer and closer to G#2 which is 230 by the end of the year, beginning of next, whichever way you choose to see it. I have been loving being on phase II. Seems like so many more carbs even though I still only get 20 per meal. I love being able to have an entire apple in one sitting and not having to wait until I can share one with Jenn. Anyways, I should be getting my Tae Bo in the mail pretty soon so let’s see if that is going to help, doubt it can hurt :D. Ok, maybe a little but that is just because I have been lazy for far too long 😛

Day 85

Well, two pounds for the week, very close to 3. That is ok, I am still ahead and I expect that next week will be much better. Also, I will be posting my new pics hopefully tonight if the internet will let me. I am loving phase II so far a lot. I really hope it does not slow things down or I will go back to phase I LOL.

Day 79

I just realized that I am almost halfway to my first Major goal of 198, or I just changed it to 196 so that it is an even 100 pounds. That is very exciting for such a short period of time. Once I am there I can take another look at myself and see where I need to go from there. I am totally enjoying phase II so far. I spent my dinner carbs today on an apple. I definitely want fruit much more now than before I was on a diet. Makes sense, I can get more fruit than I could junk food. I mean, part of a chocalate bar, or 1 large apple. Sure, every now and then I am going to go for the chocolate (and peanut butter) but mostly I think I will migrate to the things I can eat more of LOL.

Day 78 update

Well, it was tittering between 253 and 254 but I am going to claim 254 this week. That will be a two pound loss for the week but seven in the last two weeks which means I am ahead by one pound. That is totally awesome. I have started phase II of the plan which gives me double my carbs that I have been having and so far it is awesome. I know 20 per meal is still not much, but when you have been living on 10, usually less, it seems like a lot. Especially when everything that you can eat is like 12 to 20 carbs so with just 10 you cannot have much of anything except a piece of light bread, or two if you take the crust off LOL, but I like crust. Well, I hope that I continue to loose like I have even after going to phase II. I still have the goal of 230 by the end of the year :D.

Day 78

Well, It is the morning and my weigh in time is after work but so far I have hit 254. That means that I have officially hit and exceeded my goal and can now start on phase II of my diet and there is a good possibility that I will loose another pound by the end of my shift since I always seem to weigh the least after work. I will update this after work to my weigh in. I am very happy for myself.

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